About Us

More About Our Company

Pribno, is an IT services provider focused on providing highly scalable business solutions to the services & manufacturing sector with innovative approaches and advanced methodologies. We provide strategic development for the global business community with our wide array of solutions and services customized for a range of key verticals & horizontals.

Our approach is based on initiating the projects with clear objectives, delivering significant outcomes to help strive the business needs of our clients. We have a dynamic team of technology professionals driven by par excellence to deliver the best possible solutions by utilizing state of art technologies. With a customer centric focus we ensure our clients are satisfied every time and therefore we provide full support to our clients even beyond project completion.

How We Work

1Once the project’s feasibility has been established, how we proceed depends on the size and complexity of the project. We employ two different approaches to address projects of different nature: Fixed Price + Scope Approach, and Time-based / Agile Approach

2 For well-defined projects with few unknowns and a clear, fixed scope. Once development starts, feature scope is locked down to allow us to adhere to the established project budget and timeline, which we commit to.

3Projects are charged a fixed price, which is agreed to before development begins.

4During the Requirements Engineering Phase, we take an in-depth look at your current business processes and project requirements, and how we can address problems or bottlenecks with a custom web-based solution. Once we have an intimate understanding of your project, we delve into the technical requirements and build the what is essentially the blueprint of your system.