Pribno is a software development company with a special focus on developing next generation cellular applications. Our goal is to excel in the domain of cell phone development by providing high performance, scalable, easy to use, state of the art solutions.


The creative thinking has no use unless it has a practical use and is simple enough to be used by every one. Our current focus is to make the complex world of communication easier for the care givers regardless of their technical skills. We are working on products which will enable end users to manage and secure their communication mediums whether they are using cell phones or desktops.


We use the most modern development tools and technologies available in the market today. We are staying on pace with the fast evolving development capabilities and uses of multimedia and the Internet. Our Research & Development Department continuously explore new technologies to give our customers the best.

Our Process

We begin every project with a human-to-human consultation (via phone or in-person meeting), where we gather some preliminary information about your business, the challenges faced, and how we can help. We then provide our clients with a "ballpark estimate" of project scope, cost, and time..